Our artisan breads & cakes


The ingredients of good bread are natural, simple and healthy – Flour, water, yeast and salt. At Arts & Crusts our bread range is made from British milled flours & the best natural ingredients.

Traditional methods are used to give you that fantastic flavour and texture. Many of our breads can take up to 2 days to produce and use a slow-rise production method. Handcrafted by master craftsmen using time-honoured methods, natural ingredients, and baked upon traditional stone hearth ovens.

Our breads are selling out most weekends now so if you want to go on our pre-order list please call Andrew on 07736 669691 for collection every Saturday.

Arts & Crust Bread price list

 Classic-Sourdough Deli-RyeRosemary118_1889-crop-v1

Multigrain A blend of white, malted wheat & rye with the addition of sesame, poppy, linseeds, sunflower seeds. This is one of our best sellers!

Sourdough Rye
Based on a typical German loaf, sliced thinly this bread is ideal for open sandwiches and canapes.
A dense, moist loaf made using a Polish rye flour & a specially cultivated rye sourdough with the addition of black treacle & butter for a richer flavour. Typically served with fish, cheese or cold cuts.
Another best seller!!!
NEW* Irish Soda Bread (yeast free)
Traditional Irish loaf originally created as a means to use up soured milk – made with a blend of British white & wholemeal flour, bicarbonate of soda & buttermilk.
Our classic white bloomer with the addition of fresh rosemary & topped with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt.
Mixed Olive
Roughly chopped green & black olives are incorporated with mixed herbs into the rustic dough. Yeast free.
 Ancient Loaf
A traditional rustic country loaf, made with a blend of wheat & rye flour & a little sourdough.
This dough has a high percentage of water which requires a long fermentation of at least 8 hours.
Finishing with a long bake results in a thick, flavoursome crust & a moist, open textured crumb, which ensures this loaf keeps well for several days. (Contains a little yeast)
Rustic Loaf
This loaf is a white sourdough, made using 100% British milled white flour, same overall process as the
ancient loaf which also requires a long 8 hour fermentation, which produces a crusty, yet moist open textured, long lasting bread. Yeast free.
Deli Rye
With Caraway Seeds
A careful blend of wheat & rye flour sprinkled with caraway seeds produces a light rye loaf with a
delicate aniseed flavour. Try with cheese & cold cuts.
400g Bloomer
With Roasted Onions
Roasted onions & black onion seeds are blended into a base of our deli rye dough.
400g Bloomer
Loaf – With Walnut & Dates
We use the deli rye dough as a base with a generous addition of walnuts & dates.
Excellent toasted with butter or jam or even with cheese.
400g Bloomer
Special order for this one- pls contact us on 07736 669691
Loaf – With Walnuts
400g Bloomer
Special order for this one- pls contact us on 07736 669691
Our Cakes
Fresh cakes vary and change each week so its always a surprise!!
Chocolate Brownie Tray
Cake Of The Week
Tart Of The Week
Our viennoisserie selection is handmade using French butter & flour.
Almond croissant
Pain au chocolat
Cinnamon Danish
Seasonal Fruit Danish


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