Art on display

Arts and crusts

Local Art

Local Art is the pulse of the Walthamstow community.

We support local artists and are happy to show vibrant work in our cafe for
the viewing pleasure of our customers and community.


Our shows generally last for one to three months. To submit your work for consideration: Email 5-10 images, including dimensions and medium, artist statement and resume/bio to:

Our Local Artists

Once your work has been selected we will  make arrangements to meet & discuss further. We reserve the right to choose work based only on our preference or taste. Content of art must be generally acceptable for all ages of the public. We can arrange to sell your work and percentages of sales can be discussed. Arts & Crusts proudly promotes our local artists on our website & on twitter, in addition to the cafe.


Artists must bring the pieces ready to hang; framed and wired including any preparation that is necessary. Artwork must hang securely so please bring them properly prepared. Artists also need to write a Bio about themselves and the art on show to display & be made  available to our customers to read. Display labels that include title, artist name, contact information, and price must be available for each peice.

We are always available to help each artist to hang selected pieces usually on Wednesday evenings before your gallery space opens to the public. At the end of each gallery show artists are responsible for removing their own work.

Private View

We host your private view on the first Thursday your gallery space opens. Times 7-9pm.

Important: We cannot be responsible for theft or damage while art is on display. We of course will look after it very well!!!!


Look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Andrew & Carol


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